Fun for birders and book lovers

My book reviewing work sometimes brings me interesting e-mails. For instance, today I got one from a book publicist with the question “Which bird is named after soiled underwear?”

Normally, I don’t get involved with book publicity. However this was too much fun to resist. I don’t plan to review the book, so I hope no one accuses me of having a conflict of interests here. Here are excerpts from the e-mail and the publicist’s blog.

What do our interactions with birds reveal about ourselves? In Birdscapes: Birds in Our Imagination and Experience, veteran birder and former chief executive of Cambridge University Press Jeremy Mynott looks at the myriad ways we encounter and appreciate birds.

To support the publication of Birdscapes, we’ll be posting bird trivia drawn from the book on our blog each Tuesday over the next few weeks. I hope you’ll have a look and post your guesses, answers, explanations in the comments section.

The first question “Which bird is named after soiled underwear?” went live today:


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