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If you are a regular reader of my blog postings, you know that I am a passionate, opinionated middle-of-the-roader. I bring the same passion to my writing for young readers, but I want them to learn to form their own opinions.

Thus in my books, I focus on delivering information, usually through true stories, and I share open questions in the hope that my readers will someday discover the joy of using what we don’t know as a gateway to learning.

Connecting to those young readers and their parents and teachers (including library/media and reading specialists) is very important to me, so I have created a Facebook author page where I connect current science news stories to my ongoing and previous work.

Please follow the link above or below to the author page at Facebook (readable by all). If you have a Facebook account, clicking the “like” thumbs-up icon will add my occasional postings there to your news feed.

If you like it well enough, please also share the news with your friends.

Thanks very much!

Fred Bortz, now on Facebook

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