EARTH — OPEC and oil: The next 50 years

Alexandria, VA — Over the past five decades, OPEC has earned a reputation for being a powerful cartel that controls the world’s oil production and prices – but there are limits to OPEC’s influence and wealth. In fact, many OPEC countries face grave problems, which are to some extent the result of their oil-income dependence. EARTH examines OPEC’s past, current and future place in this world. Will OPEC continue to control the planet’s oil for the next 50 years?

Learn more about this eye-opening subject in February’s featured article “OPEC and Oil: The Next 50 Years,” and read other analytical stories on topics such as dinosaur origins, tracing nuclear weapons using bomb debris, and reconsidering the economic implications of climate change, all in the February issue.

These stories and many more can be found in the February issue of EARTH, now available digitally (http://www.earthmagazine.org/digital) or in print on your local newsstands.

For further information on the February featured article, go to http://www.earthmagazine.org/earth/article/3e8-7db-1-3.

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