Statement: The New York Stem Cell Foundation on lifting ban of federal funds for stem cell research

The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) applauds the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia’s decision to dismiss District Court Judge Royce Lamberth’s ruling against the use of public funds for embryonic stem cell research.

“This is an important day for stem cell research and the nation’s scientific community. Most importantly, this is a victory for the patients around the world suffering from incurable diseases,” says Susan L. Solomon, CEO of NYSCF, which is a leading voice in stem cell research, advocacy and policy; conducts groundbreaking scientific research in its own laboratory; supports scientists through grants and fellowships; and convenes symposia and conferences. “The time has come for our leaders to put progress before politics on this issue and remove all of the remaining, unnecessary limitations on human embryonic stem cell research conducted with the best ethical and medical practices. We need to put an end to the constant uncertainty facing the field of embryonic stem cell research so scientists can get on with the serious business of research and maintain the kind of momentum that will lead to cures for the most intractable diseases facing mankind.”

About The New York Stem Cell Foundation:

The New York Stem Cell Foundation (NYSCF) was founded in 2005 to accelerate cures for debilitating diseases through stem cell research. The Foundation conducts cutting edge research at its own independent laboratory and provides grants to outstanding investigators at other research institutions. NYSCF also invests in the next generation of stem cell researchers through The NYSCF Fellowship Program, The NYSCF Investigator Program, which support exceptionally promising early career scientists doing innovative translational stem cell research, and The NYSCF — Robertson Prize. The Foundation plays a vital role in educating both scientists and the public about stem cell research through an active annual program of conferences and symposia. For more information, visit

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3 thoughts on “Statement: The New York Stem Cell Foundation on lifting ban of federal funds for stem cell research”

  1. I wanted to get Crime Victims Board to pay, I can’t stand my life the way it is. Somebody tried to kill me with a hammer. I’m now in a wheelchair, I also was in an accident and I had a knee replacement put in. Please help.

    David Korotitsch

  2. We as a nation do not destroy one Human Being to save another Human Being. That is not what we are about. Whether that Human Being is in a petri dish or in the womb. It is not a life that we are able to destroy because it is “only five days old” it is a LIFE to be nurtured. Please continue your research using adult stem cells and IPS sounds very promising but please stop killing one life to save another life. Thank you, peggy wright

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