Want a more empathetic partner? New dating site claims genes are the trick

A new (to us) dating site has popped up on our social media stream via an outrageous ad. The site UnicornGenes.com claims to use genetics to help users make the perfect match. And not just any old genetics. Unicorn genetics. That is, isolating participants to those who have the best of the best traits: Empathy, mellow when imbibing, high chances of a robust old age, and so on. (Did someone say *cough* eugenics *cough*?) UG was apparently founded by a husband and wife team based in Miami, both graduates of Harvard (Divinity and Medicine, respectively.) They reject accusations of eugenics, noting that parents are cherry picking genes all the time these days in IVF clinics. Why not cherry pick “mon cheri?” Almost sounds like an April Fool’s prank!

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