And speaking of concerns getting high honors …

If ever there is news that qualifies as super uplifting, that which is detailed below most definitely qualifies. It comes courtesy of CDP, an environmental non-profit.

“Over 300 companies including AstraZeneca, Danone, Firmenich, HP Inc, KAO Corporation, Klabin S/A, Mars, Symrise AG and Mitsubishi Electric have today [Dec. 8, 2020] been named on this year’s A List by environmental non-profit CDP. This is a major increase on last year, despite the unprecedented challenges posed by COVID-19,” CDP in its “Companies worth $15 trillion revealed on CDP 2020 ‘A List’ of environmental leaders” Dec. 8, 2020 press release declared.

CDP in the release goes on to state:

“The A List showcases the companies leading on environmental transparency and action, based on their annual disclosure through CDP’s climate change, forests and water security questionnaires. Thousands of companies disclose through CDP at the request of investors and corporate buyers.

“This year has seen a major increase (45% up on last year) in the number of companies achieving an A score, with increases across all three themes that CDP assesses. Along with the high levels of disclosure, this shows growing environmental awareness among the business world in 2020.

“For climate scores this is largely because more companies are choosing to be transparent by disclosing data – in itself an important step, driven by increased market pressure for transparency. The growth in companies scoring an A for tackling deforestation and water security points to increased action in these areas, as the higher levels of disclosure does not fully account for the increase. Forests is particularly notable as the number of companies on the A List doubled from a low base (16 compared to 8 last year).

“The A List comes just ahead of the five-year anniversary of the Paris Agreement, with world governments expected to deliver updates on their national climate plans to build momentum ahead of COP26 [the 26th Conference of the Parties]. In November, the UK Government was the first G20 government to announce mandatory disclosure, sending a powerful signal to the market and other governments that they should follow the UK’s approach.

“The number of companies achieving a triple A across climate, forests and water, the highest rating CDP provides, has also grown to 10, up from 6 last year, the previous record. Symrise AG, Mondi Plc, Fuji Oil Holdings and KAO Corporation are among the new triple A Listers.”

That’s highly admirable, all.

All that said, it is great to know that there are concerns that are not only aware and that they care, but are also actively doing their parts to try to make, if not succeeding at making, a positive difference on Earth. And that such is the case it will be they that are on the correct side of history at the end of the day.

The kind of news we can all take comfort in knowing and feel extremely encouraged and excited about.

For more, see: “Companies worth $15 trillion revealed on CDP 2020 ‘A List’ of environmental leaders” press release here.

Image above: United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change

– Alan Kandel

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