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Petridish.org launches!
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Petridish.org is proud to announce that today it has launched its first class of crowdfunded science and research projects.  On Petridish, science-lovers can connect directly with cutting-edge researchers to help them launch new projects and make exciting discoveries.  Now, anybody can be a part of science history by backing a worthy project.

The projects range widely across discipline and include submissions from Astronomy, Biology, Climate Science, Geology, and Ecology.  They are:

Unraveling the mystery of gelada monkey melodies

By: Morgan Gustison (University of Michigan)



Capturing the first sounds of deep sea creatures 

By: Ashlee Lillis (North Carolina State University)




New species of ants in Madagascar 

By: Brian Fisher (California Academy of Sciences)



Help us find the first exomoon 

By: David Kipping (Harvard University)




The mystery of tiny algal spores 

By: Kevin Miklasz (Stanford University)




Climate refugees: Don’t let their culture melt away 

By: Rachel Aronson (University of Washington)



Tracing the route of the green sea turtle in Peru 

By: Maria Wojakowski (Stanford University)




Explaining extinction with the butterflies of Peru 

By: Geoff Gallice (University of Florida)


The wolves of Isle Royale 

By: John Vucetich (Michigan Technological University)


Backers in these projects will receive insider access and updates on the research project over time as new discoveries are made.  They can also receive exciting rewards such as naming rights to new species, acknowledgements in journals, visits to field sites, wall maps, vivid photographs suitable for framing and other fun souvenirs.

Over the course of March, additional projects will launch as part of this first class.  We will also be featuring interviews with the researchers on our blog at blog.petridish.org.

About Petridish

Petridish.org was founded to help researchers raise money for important and interesting research projects.  In the current environment, funding for science and research is increasingly hard to come by; yet, basic discovery, research and innovation are more important than ever to our economic well-being.

On Petridish, researchers post materials about themselves and their research, and the public can discover projects that are exciting to them.  In exchange for contributing to the project, backers receive insider updates on the research, naming rights to new discoveries, and other exciting souvenirs from the work.   Now anybody can be a part of science history and contribute to a new discovery.

You can learn more about us, and back or post a project at http://www.petridish.org

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