Speed of light may have changed recently

Well that’s a little upsetting. The truest of constants turns out to be off just a tad. New Scientist has the story. “The speed of light, one of the most sacrosanct of the universal physical constants, may have been lower as recently as two billion years ago – and not in some far corner of the universe, but right here on Earth. The controversial finding is turning up the heat on an already simmering debate, especially since it is based on re-analysis of old data that has long been used to argue for exactly the opposite: the constancy of the speed of light and other constants.”

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1 thought on “Speed of light may have changed recently”

  1. Constants. Time and Space.
    I have the following suggestion:
    That time and space are neutral.
    That they do not affect each other and that they have no effect on matter; other than providing the space for it to exist and time in which it can age.
    That time is in fact eternal and that space is infinite; that the speed of light does vary.
    I have no evidence for this other than my own common sense simple understanding of logic.
    Which says to me – that time can never have begun and that time can never end.
    That matter has always been around in some form or another.

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