Histamines on my mind

I read a recent study (maybe it was actually on the radio) discussing the role histamines play in waking. Without histamines, we tend to stay asleep. That’s why anti-histamines can make you so drowsy. That got me thinking about one of my favorite conundrums and what would happen if you administered histamines to someone in a coma from which you want them to wake up?

The whole deep coma without brain death thing fascinates me. Being simply submerged in unconsciousness. I’m guessing that one day there will be something akin to shock paddles for the brain, that physicians will use to jumpstart a brain the way you can now a heart. But rather than simply start the organ up, they’ll massage it from one wave to another. Am I full of shit?

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2 thoughts on “Histamines on my mind”

  1. I think s/he means using structured electrical pulses to re-synchronize brainwave patterns when s/he says “massage it from one wave to another,” rather than using sudden high-energy jolts as is the case with heart defribilation. It would be more like cardioversion or a pacemaker. And, of course, with an IT histamine drip to minimize the systemic effects of histamine while maxing the CNS concentration, thus increasing the likelihood of succesful revival. But that’s just my interpretation of what he’s saying. Don’t know what the whole “Am I full of ****?” thing is about, though. It’s just a question/brainstorming idea sort of thing.

  2. You are really weird. What is with that final comment you made! You present something interesting and then talk out of your buttocks.

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