Hello Science Blog Central

Hello everybody,

On a Science tagged site I would expect more scientific approaches of the various subjects treated in the blogs offered space. That’s the reason I came along.
A fast tour and at least 2/3 of what I read is not really what I expected from scientists. But there is a touch of humor, and maybe the will for fair discussion.

Let me check it out pointing two threads of pekingman to start with :
One large software company (no prizes) has even patented the double click on the computer mouse. Did he read the patent ? Certainly not ! No mouse on a PDA in fact. My granny insisted that I must dig until the source before I meke my own mind on a subject, and said that this is what Science Driven Behavior should be.
The dividing line between plants and animals, humans and the rest were once clear. Once ? When ? I can’t make a distinction between natural and man-made as it will mean that man is unnatural ! If artifactual is the concept to oppose to natural, the frontier seems to be quite clear.

And one thread of jlawrenceiv I do appreciate, on Open Source Drug Development. If collaboration is wanted for one or both the papers he plans to write, I will be honored.

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