Ironic Viruses; using their weapons of mass destruction to target themselves.

Sometimes it’s good to take a step back into the archives.

Press Release Title : “Modified HIV may be Effective for Delivering and Regulating Gene Therapy”

Source : University of North Carolina – Chapel Hill – News
Publish Date : 21 June 2000
View Type : [ Open Access ]
Author : Leslie H. Lang
Keywords : Vector, Virus, Gene Therapy,
Nutshell : Ironic Viruses; using their weapons of mass destruction to target themselves.
Blurb :

>_ Lentiviruses (Complex Retroviruses)vs Simple Retroviruses: Lentiviruses (a sub-family of Retroviruses) will introduce genetic information into the cells that don’t divide: a quality that can be used – especially in transducing precursor blood cells. Other Retroviruses do not do this. Lentiviruses are also large vectors : allowing for large inserts. HIV is a lentivirus.

>_ Retroviruses integrate their genome into the host genome.

>_ Adenoviruses – also used in gene therapy, have their genome lost upon host cell devision, Retroviruses do not.

Related Institution : The University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, Dr. Tal Kafri : Dept of Immunology / Microbiology, School of Medicine.

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