Plate Tectonics and Fusion

This is an overview about Plate Tectonics and Fusion. These phenomena are related! It seems a long time ago, an inventor or scientist was experimenting with heat and trying to get energy with it. The heating chamber he was working on exploded and killed all life on Earth.

I came to this conclusion after researching continental drift, now called Plate Tectonics Theory. It started with the first article “How Continents break up” in a Scientific American magazine. In this magazine the authors stated that the breakup of the continents that formed the Mid-Atlantic Ridge,”…must be taken to have happened instantaneously along a line; a most unlikely event.”4 This statement struck me as unusual. I then noticed at the top of the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, is the island called Iceland. It seems that Iceland has a head, two arms and a body. It reminded me of a cartoon character’s outline in a wall that the cartoon character just ran through!

Now the Mid-Atlantic Ridge is where the sea floor spreads out in an East-West direction. As the sea floor spreads, it carries the continents, in this case Asia-Europe-Africa and North-South America, apart. So one can reverse this process, and going back into time, the continents were at one time joined together, into a super continent called Pangaea. The Earth scientist then realized that this crack formed on Continental crust. This formation of the crack on continental crust puzzled the scientist because continental crust is thicker than sea floor crust. One would expect the crack to form in the sea floor where the crust is thinner. However, if the crack were formed because of a heating chamber exploding, then of course, it would give a reason why the crack formed on continental crust.
Angle of Fire.

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