Where is the MTBE, ethanol, energy or environmental debate in this election?

Where is the MTBE, ethanol, energy or environmental debate in this election?
Date: 10/4/04 10:13:36 AM Eastern Daylight Time
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The reason for the high price of gasoline and the rise in the price of oil is due to the oil industries negligence in promoting and using a defective product worldwide that has polluted groundwater throughout the US and wherever else in the world this gasoline additive is or was used.

Prices initially started to rise in order to afford the makers of MTBE and the political entities that were and are entrenched behind the dark cloud this product has left, to be able to keep this story from becoming worldwide headline news. Since the energy bill stalled behind a safe harbors amendment that would give producers of MTBE a free ride away from ever having to take responsibility for what they have done to the world, prices have been sky rocketing in anticipation of a landslide of lawsuits against the related industries that threatens to bankrupt the worlds economies.

There is a gasoline additive called polyisobutylene. It has been fully tested and approved by the scientific community. It gives a twenty percent increase in gas mileage, and eliminates 70% of harmful toxic exhaust emissions. Gasoline, in my opinion, is not a complete and functionable product until polyisobutylene is added to it. It was denied as a gasoline additive when MTBE was chosen over it by Bush 41 in the Clean Air Act of 1990. He promised to take another look at polyisobutylene if MTBE turned out to be the nightmare that scientists reported that it would. The current President wants the safe harbor for his friends in the industry. Kerry wants to replace MTBE with ethanol. Ethanol has a whole other set of problems that are similar to MTBE while it is expensive to produce, and leaves behind ravaged landscapes wherever it is produced. Ethanol is corn whiskey. Its emissions are toxic; it stinks up gas stations; there are huge logistics problems getting it to market; the run off from fertilizers that are used to grow the corn that it is made from winds up in our streams and rivers, and plants where it is distilled have a history of leaving a significant toxic footprint. Where is the debate over environmental issues in this election? Where is the debate over energy issues in this election? Where is the debate over gasoline and oil prices in this election? And finally, where the hell is the support for Polyisobutylene which could change the landscape of the worlds energy and environmental challenges and the world’s economy? I know the answers to all these questions. The are dark and unfortunate circumstances that brings us to this place in history but the way out is easy; Polyisobutylene. It is not discussed or tabled as a plausible solution because to due so would draw attention to all these other grave and disastrous issues that are, remarkably enough, being used to make the same people who caused these problems a whole lot of money while no one has the guts to point out the truth because of their own negligence or compliance in creating this energy environment. Talking about polyisobutylene and nothing else, if the issue was raised through the public media, the same media that has mastered not keeping us informed to date on these matters, could solve this, and the worlds, immediate energy concerns if polyisobutylene could get to market without raising these other issues. I believe that most parties who now have a popular driven motive to expose the truth of MTBE and ethanol would eventually rest their arguments, for the short term, if a significant and successful polyisobutylene program were instituted in the US where MTBE polluted groundwater was cleaned up as part of the process.

If this election process proceeds without addressing these issues, with all that is going on behind the scenes, in the committees of our congress, with regard to these very issues, I don’t see how America can expect to be the driving force of freedom on this planet, if it leaves this kind of corrupt process in it’s wake, with so many people lacking so much faith in their fellow man and each other that they cannot approach the truth about something so simple. A lot more people know the truth about these issues than the people who work so hard to keep it secret think. A very, very substantial number. The public sector has its secrets too. There is a whole underworld culture in this country that has it’s own language and style of communication that is abreast of many different topics, day to day, coast to coast, that the general public receives no word of from its informers. A grave day is coming for America and the future of freedom if our constitutional liberties aren’t exercised in this election to muddle through this unfortunate day in our future history. The truth will be told to the public by nontraditional and unorthodox information media’s and the political and economic arenas of the world will digest it for, I expect, a very long time. Many changes, I expect, will be made. A sadness will set in the bellies of lovers of freedom, even as the problems created by our leaders are solved. The world will enter a gray period, hopefully, as we all hope and pray that this truth, this simple truth which has as its reward, polyisobutylene, does not lead us into an even darker period than we face now. Something has to be done to fix this.

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