New and Alternative Sciences – Is the human brain a spacetime vehicle for shamanic shifting?

Or: Is earth “super-strung,” from top to bottom, all around, and through and through for concious dreaming? This is the question I am asking, experimenting, and experiencing the adventures of life to answer. So, this is only a beginning to a PART ONE of my latest series of “scientific” investigations!

The earliest “Pythagoean” scientists preceeded Pythagoras and his colleagues, the philosopher-scientist- artist-mystics by thousands of years. Like them, and (perhaps) like many of today’s New Physicists, the original shamans of pre- and non-historic times, all over the planet, considered the “building blocks” of reality to be vibration and resonance, as well as pattern and probability, harmonizing in an apparently miraculous way at all levels, and in all realms of a wonderful MultiVerse! They expressed and sought to incarnate these complexities, and interface with them effectively, through original and unique to the moment rituals, expressive arts, costuming, chanting, percussion, and dance – all of which were based in some way upon number, proportion, and complexes of active spiral feedback loops. The shamans, testing of their theories and technologies was anecdotal and empirical. These special actions and shamanic ways either did or did not catalyze or facilitate their certain intended and desired (dreamed of!) life-sustaining reality shifts and worldly changes.

So, I look with interest at many studies and findings in a wide variety of fields of conventional, new, and alternative sciences, but my heart is with the “shamanic” inner-sciences that are not able to be tested (yet) by the “scientific method” and must be lived and observed over a lifetime, as they unfold in and as one’s own being. However, I began this blog because of an article about the John Perkins book “Shapeshifting” that came up in a Google search for “shamanic” that I was exploring! I have been wanting for some time, to begin a blog of my own and this place presented itself when I followed a link from the 41st page of my Google search results. . .

URL: My google search result that brought me here!

I shall withdraw and start again someplace else, if this venue “proves” to be inappropriate. I am a skeptical inquirer as much as an animist-gnostic practicer and student of contemporary (and ageless) shamanic ways. I comprehend events in a “both/and” style, yet I can be a bit of a curmudgeon. I am not full of resentments, but I have been known to get stubborn about a cherished notion or two! Even when I sound testy, I mean no real offense to anyone – I do my best to live by the libertarian Zero Agression Policy, in all aspects of life. And, this is also (but not “just”) a test post, to see how this weblog works!

URL: Curmudgeon!

My living alchemical processing of everything is a spiral dream-path circling innward and back outward. I aim myself skyward and then allow a fall back down into earth! I can say “A = A” yet I am, more and more, experiencing this “A” as multi-dimensional. Whether in science or philosophy and/or art, I give high authority to direct individual experience of reality – all kinds of direct individual experiences of all realms of reality!

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