More Shamanic Alchemy – Attempting to Change Environmental Toxins & Toxic Effects Through Shamanic Shifts of Coniousness

There are tougher pollutant standards and more world-wide studies of climate changes, and there are many individuals, groups, and agencies seeming to do their best, in a wide variety of ways, to bring our environment into sustainable compliance with economically sensible standards – but our earth’s environment includes all of its inhabitants and groups (and groups of groups) and the tasks become increasingly complex. It appears to be getting more and more difficult to reach agreements on how to decide upon, enforce, and live by workable standards, as well as prevent and heal environmental wounds. In the meanwhile, the troubles continue, causing more distress. . .

URL: BBC News – Climate change


“. . .And then there is the complex and sometimes controversial question of how you compare the cost of reducing emissions in the near future with damage saved at a more distant date, perhaps centuries in the future.

Although some argue that climate change-related damage is already happening, if the science is right, there will be much more in the decades and centuries ahead.

Some economists conclude that it is not worth acting now, incurring large costs for a benefit that is uncertain and remote. . .”

URL: City air versus EPA standards


“. . .Environmentalists say, however, that states will find it tough to impossible to meet the standard without accompanying action to reduce soot pollution from power plants. President Bush decided last week to delay putting in place at least until March a companion regulation he had promised on the campaign trail that would address soot drifting among states. . .”

So while there is much excellent work being done in ordinary reality, some are experimenting with methods of shamanic alchemy and working and playing within inner realms of conciousness to transmute toxins, and to transform industries.

In our shamanic school we are learning to do and teach this kind of environmental healing and transforming. Several of us do not agree with many the opinions and methods of the following two well known shamanic teacher/authors, but I offer links to their websites here, as good (rather than necessarily authoritative) examples of two different shamanic approaches to environmental transfomation. Sandra Ingerman’s group focuses mostly on changes at the molecular level of reality, and John Perkins’ group deals more with corporations and facilitating institutional level changes.

URL: Medicine for the Earth

URL: Dream Change

At our school we take slightly different approaches at both ends of the scale, and all along the middle. This is because, for us, shamanic ways are always truest and most effective when they are original, individualistic, and unique to each NOW moment. Every one of us keeps track of results, yet this is done almost entirely through anecdotal and empirical observation and recordkeeping – without the possibility of statistical significance. There are shamanic practicers who set up “double-blind” experiments, but this is still pretty rare, since these “inner sciences” don’t lend themselves well to attempts to eliminate variables and prove things beyond uncertainty! The practicers of shamanic technologies instead carefully follow tendencies of life enhancement or diminishment that are closely associated with their interventions, watching over long periods of time.

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