I Paused In My Reading To Contemplate “Infant” Galaxies And Scientific Surprises

This finding of “infant” galaxies to study, seems to be an extreme example of the common experience of being startled by something or someone close by, while gazing off at the horizon – then realizing who or what just jumped out at you was the object (or subject) you had been searching the distances for. I opine that the discovery game will never be over in any field of science – there will always be these shocking, delightful, surprises!

Scientific American: Sightings of “Newborn” Galaxies Reveal a Fecund Universe

Let us keep searching near and far in the matter, energy, space, and time world of galaxies and wave forms, as students of Aristotle. But some of us can keep working from the inside out, as students of Plato (and the original Shamans), to reason and dream new ways of looking and seeing. Searching and researching, far and near, at the vastest and the slightest, working from inside out and then from the outside back in, is the “alchemical” yet radically scientific processing done by the real geniuses among us – the ones I call the true students of Socrates.

URL: LA Times/Yahoo News – Gravity my lose its pull!

I found this second article to be an inspiring and encouraging example of dedicated scientific questioning and questing – with or without funding, no matter what criticism or ridicule comes from “expert” folks. When MYSTERY turns into a TRICKSTER, a true scientist keeps asking the questions!

I hope and dream we decide to fix the Hubble, one way or another, and/or develop even more powerful telescopes – and question and quest on, at all costs. And I know we will keep finding great stuff with whatever tools we have, no matter where the funding is coming from!

~ Crabbee

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