Just A Plane Parachute!

I hope everyone has seen this marvelous item by now! But just in case any folks are still out and about shopping for a thoughtful, large, somewhat unusual holiday gift, or about to purchase a small airplane, for themselves or a loved one, here is a URL of interest at CNN:

Airplane parachute!

I can hardly believe that Ballistic Recovery Systems is already marketing this fantastical invention as standard equipment for small aircraft, and are designing much larger versions – and, they are already being sued for a time the device failed to work! Whenever I next go out shopping for a personal airplane, I intend to make sure I get “one of those, please” included in the package!

I realize that this topic is more about technology (the fruits of scientific discovery) than science, yet it does have to do with transportation. I remember my childhood companions and I sitting around and wildly imagining just this sort of lifesaving contraption, in a mental-cartooning way, for fun!

Our version involved an elaborately decorated hot-air balloon, however. . .

~ Crabbee

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