Junkscience.com – “all the junk that’s fit to debunk”
this site is fun to peruse from time to time. It takes Junk science, which is defined as “faulty scientific data and analysis used to advance special and, often, hidden agendas” and debunks the the theories.

Heaven knows we need this sort of help with the vast amount of correlational data that is treated as demonstrating causation.

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6 thoughts on “Junkscience.com”

  1. junkscience.com is a big business funded fud and propaganda site (same people who denied that smoking causes cancer). Check out:






    The website is run by a guy by the name of Steven Milloy, who is a columnist for Faux News and a paid advocate for Phillip Morris and ExxonMobil:


  2. I recently was talking to someone who pointed this site out to me. I read an article about the greenhouse affect and global warming… he’s smart I’ll give you that… but not a scientist. He’s a politician who is smart in that he is good at tricking people into believing pseudoscientific statements. He uses “statistics” to run intellectual circles around people and confuse them into not paying attention to the real important facts. He’s never done any scientific research he’s a conservative hack as one other person has already said. For god’s sake he writes for foxnews and used to be one of the tobacco industries main lobbyists. Here are some examples of his own junk science writing: in one of his articles he writes that recently global warming has changed the temperature by only one degree. This is true. what he fails to mention is that during the ice age the temperature only differed from now by an average of 5 degrees. hmmm one degree doesn’t seem so insignificant anymore. He says that the earth has naturally gone through greater temperature changes. This is true as well but the modern human race has never experienced such great termperature increases. I don’t know about you but I don’t want to. He says that the Kyoto Protocols have done very little to curb global warming… maybe that’s because us (by FAR the greatest polluters have not signed on) maybe it’s because even if we did, these protocols are not enough by a long shot. That these protocols are a beginning not an end. What I would recommend people read is “Don’t think of an Elephant” which is a great book, not unflawed but a great general read. It is about the framing of political debate and how facts are not important without the propoer framing. This is a perfect case of that. Please friends don’t let a statistics major run circles around you and confuse you.

  3. “Steven J. Milloy is the publisher of JunkScience.com, an adjunct scholar at the Cato Institute, and a columnist for FoxNews.com.”

    I wouldn’t trust anyone to tell me about science when they’ve written a book called “Silencing Science, with co-author Michael Gough (Cato Institute, 1999)”

    From the first comment on his site, you know he’s just nit-picking and going against the beliefs of the majority of scientist that global warming is really happening: “Contrary to the his assertion (highlighted, above) about future lowland floodings being worse than the recent Asian tsunamis, even if sea levels were to rise (and it’s not clear that they are) and cause lowland flooding, such flooding would be gradual (inches over years versus meters over minutes), giving local populations plenty of time to adapt. Gradual lowland flooding is nothing like a sudden tsunami. Perhaps Dawkins needs to question the religion that is global warming hysteria?”

    I think Dawkins would know that “Gradual lowland flooding is nothing like a sudden tsunami.” 9_9 Suck it up big man. There’s global warming. You’re going to lose that nice summer beach house in Tampa.

  4. Junkscience.com is just another right wing hack site. There is no independent unbiased discussion of junk science there – just hack on liberals. Boring.

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