I Recommend RealClimate – Commentary Site on Climate Science by Climate Scientists

I have been reading with interest the posts at RealClimate.org, so I am simply recommending it here to all who have an interest in climate change and what some climate scientists have to add to the media and entertainment coverage of climate change topics and theories. Reader participation is invited, within the strictest of guidelines, and the writers are all volunteers who seem to have an interest in presenting balanced, research-supported views. It is syndicated via RSS feed.

One of my posts was lost in the recent reorganizing shuffle here: In it I shared the URL of another website I was finding facinating at the time, in the Animal Kingdom catagory, Spiderblog! I am still making frequent visits there to read more about the “eightlegged ones” and follow more web-links to other sites and services. Spiderblog was listed in Yahoo’s “Blog of the Day” feature a week or so ago.

I recieved THE FABRIC OF THE COSMOS by Brian Greene as a gift yesterday, and I am so far finding it to be an engaging, entertaining, thoughtful overview of the space, time, matter, and energy concepts and mysteries of New Physics. Many illustrations and diagrams are included that could be useful in teaching and discussing our shamanic ways. I know that these areas of scientific inquiry (often blended with some imaginative specuation) are still being called the “new physics” my many, and in our shamanic school we consider all of the New Physics to be a facet of the peregrine Cosmological Tradition (expanded version of the “Perennial Philosophy”) that we are each adventuring in as many ways as possible. We also teach that the importance of not confusing or confounding symbol, analogy, and metaphor with scientific-method proving. Maybe I will have more to say about this book later.

Update: I lead an almost Television-free life, so I had never seen and was unaware of Brian Greene’s popular show until I visited a friend last night! Now, I am looking back into all the books in our library and/or that I have skimmed or read that fall into the catagory of “New Physics for Philosophers and Artists (or even for “dummies or idiots”). I might write up mini-reviews or my recommendations for the best, one of these days – instead of writing any further comments the Brian Greene book.

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