Medication May Improve Parkinson’s Drug Effects

Physicians at the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorders Center at Northwestern University are conducting a research study to evaluate an experimental treatment intended to improve motor fluctuations associated with the “wearing-off” effects of medications to treat Parkinson’s disease. Individuals with advancing Parkinson’s disease develop inconsistent responses to medications, known as fluctuations and “wearing off.”

The experimental medication under study at Northwestern is designed to be added to current Parkinson’s treatment to lessen the effects of this problem.

To be eligible for this research study, participants must be experiencing at least three hours of “off time” during the day.

Qualified participants will receive all study-related physician visits and study medication at no cost. Parking or public transportation reimbursement will also be provided.

For more information about this research study, please call the Parkinson’s Disease and Movement Disorder Center at 312-503-2593.

From Northwestern University

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