I Almost Got Lost At Infoplease – Then I Found Origins

I went web voyaging looking for some information on what is happening with the search for a fleeting signiture of a graviton leaving our universe for extra-dimensional realms, and I got enjoyably stuck for a while at Infoplease which I would recommend as (my kind of) medium of entertainment! Here is a fun looking CERN site, too: Origins – Looking Into the Search for Beginnings.

Every once in a while, I start drawing diagrams and maps or constructing models to represent, in doodling/whimsical two and three dimensional ways, what I mysteriously sense, feel, and know of the wider-deeper picture of All-That-Is. Perhaps the “laws” of nature and the cosmos seem to contradict and break down in singularities and minds, because that really is the resonant way everything shimmers into being every moment – by fluctuating, shattering, tearing, and scattering – inside and out!

When the Superconducting Supercollider project was discontinued back in 1993, I found it extremely discouraging, but it made me wonder how long scientists will keep depending upon government funding to do what they must do! Maybe some entertaining media presentations could catalyze a “hundredth monkey” effect in the “private sector,” so that enthusiasm for funding and adventuring the frontiers of science is suddenly found to be “the rage” everywhere!

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1 thought on “I Almost Got Lost At Infoplease – Then I Found Origins”

  1. Wow, Crabbee, that’s some darn pretty writing. And I happen to agree with you that there are as-yet-unexplored areas where metaphysics and traditional physics overlap and can offer each other insights. Keep it up.

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