LED Effects: The Beauty of Light

Special Lighting Systems

Special Lighting may be considered, as a matter of fact, a new trend. LEDs offer many approaches and LED industry is evolving continuously. Each day brings new product releases and different companies try to keep up with the technological progress. Still, many of the small companies are afraid to explore new horizons and to develop new systems. There is a common belief or, probably fear that creating something new might lead to an unsuccessful result. This is why most of the companies in the lighting industry offer only standard products, which are not best fit for specific or individual applications. The need of special lighting systems it is not rare. Many architects and designers are searching endlessly for a company able to provide the systems they need for a competitive price. This is a time and money consuming process, sometimes leading nowhere, sometimes with good results..

The Internet – a Global Market

The Internet is not only a great search tools but great business market as well. Many companies are still just discovering this, and the ones that do are also the ones using the Internet as an inexpensive advertising mean. Being on the Internet means being an active part of the Global Market, which unites the world giving business new possibilities, and for small companies it certainly brings astonishing results.

Led-effects.com – the Beauty of Light Recently my-tronic GmbH, a German company, launched its third site dedicated exclusively to its DecoLED systems line. The site, called suggestively led-effects.com, describes the modular systems the company offers, the LED light sources and describes also a few new services: LED systems for rent and leasing and sample kits with a special money back warranty policy. In fact, my-tronic is probably the only company ready to refund the whole amount paid for a Sample Kit, not matter what reasons the clients have for returning it, even if the clients just do not need the kit anymore. The sample kit is available for resellers and other interested clients. It is, in fact, a simple presentation box containing a controllable RGB LED light source from each category: LED spots, LED stripes, LED tubes, LED tiles and LED light ropes. All these light fixtures have either an integrated controller or an additional controller with a few pre-programmed light effects allowing customers to get a general idea about the system my-tronic offers: controllable LED systems.
Led-effects.com is not about LED light effects in general but also about how they can affect our lives, how they can be controlled and what uses they have in different applications. Led-effects.com is about choices and possibilities, about light and beauty. The site’s slogan is “bringing light in your lives” and from the welcome note the company states:

“At my-tronic we believe in light, we believe in its power to give people comfort and joy, we believe in its power to heal, and we believe… we can control light: LED light.”

Led-effects.com is trying to explain where the LED sources are best fit, how they can be used, why they are recommended over traditional lighting means and much more. The site values the information and has a simple, easy to use menu.

Individual Solutions Strategy

Individual lighting solutions is a wide and sophisticated field due to the fact that it encloses almost all the illumination topics: interior lighting – such as accent lighting, edge lighting, emphasizing artwork – and exterior lighting – building illumination, railing, underwater lights, ground spots, special concepts for public lighting.

Aside from the standard DecoLED system, my-tronic offers its clients individual solutions. As part of the individual solutions strategy, the company either tailors standard products to fit specific requirements or develops new articles according to a personalized plan the client presents.

Still individual solutions, or custom specific solutions, have also a more important meaning: to create unique systems according to the client’s needs. This means bringing a new idea to life. The individual solutions strategy is focusing on the customer whether an architect, a lighting consultant, a technician, a lighting designer and so on. My-tronic has the know-how and the expertise to understand and solve problems related to the LED industry.

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