More Mysteries of Singularity, Individuality, Humankind, and the Universe

I was looking for more about “singularity” in physics and what came up on the google search perplexed and facinated me, all over again:

Google Search: Singularity

Can individuals and humankind approach the singular historical time of Ultimate Technological advancement – and live to know it? In our shamanic school we study as many cutting edge teachings in as many fields as possible, because our way is one of traveling all ways inward and outward. Some of us also practice intentional “wonder” and relentless curiosity as a method of altering brain wave patterns and conciousness and entering “shamanic states of conciousness” for our dream and journeying adventures and discoveries. Physics has speculatively, tentatively, opened new fluctuating “holes” for encountering the existence of singularity within each – macro to micro – spacetime event in this universe!

This is profound and marvelous to me, but I realize from my readings today, that many in the fields of Artificial Intelligence, Synthetic Life, Virtual Reality, and even Transhumanist Psychology/Philosophy, are expressing more worry than optimism about how our advancing understandings will play out in our histories. But “singularity” is where all expectations, reasonable or fanciful, appear to go “up for grabs” and known “laws” fail to predict. So, any little thing or a whole universe might happen any moment – no matter how improbable – and no one knows how. It is singular, courageous, scientific individuals of humankind who will keep on inching, in one way and another, as close as possible to “forbidden” territories, to reach into and grab treasure from singular “forbidden” cauldrons that keep on glowing darkly, just beneath, and just beyond everything ordinary!

One of my shamanic teachers was just saying that every spacetime event is singular and new, even when history and cycles repeat in this universe. We can keep learning, but we cannot know everything, ahead of time. I am encouraged and inspired by the newer scientific theories, that hint that it might be physically and mathematically necessary for the improbable to be (at least) possible, in any and all given moments – and that concious choice may have a chance. So let SINGULARITY synergize!

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