Transparent Glass Wall as a Touch Game Media

A joint research team led by KAIST Industrial Design Department’s Prof. Woo-hoon Lee and Computer Sciences Prof. Ki-hyuk Lee has developed a brand new concept game media “TransWall”, which utilizes both sides of the glass wall as the touch medium.

TransWall has been chosen as the “highlight” of 2013 SIGGRAPH emerging technology conference. SIGGRAPH is a world-renowned conference in the area of computer graphics and interaction technique, last held 21st-25th July at Anaheim, in the United States.

It all started with the thought, wouldn’t it be possible to turn the glass walls surrounding us into a medium for entertainment and communication?

TransWall utilizes holographic screen film inserted between two glass sheets with a multi-touch function, onto which the image can be projected using the beam projector from both sides. Furthermore, an additional Surface Transducer attached to the glass can deliver the sound and vibration.

What seemed as an ordinary glass wall has been transformed into a multi-sensory media that can transmit and receive visual, auditory and tactile information.

TransWall can be implemented at public places such as theme parks, large shopping malls and subway stations, providing the citizens with a new form of entertainment. This touch-interaction method can also be applied to developing a variety of cultural contents in the future.

Professor Lee said, “TransWall shows an example of near-future where touch-interaction method can be utilized with the soon-to-be commercialized transparent display panel in everyday lives.”

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