I Found THE SCIENTIST – And Lost Most of a Day

What a deep sources of wondrous “new things” I keep finding around the internet! I have been exploring the news and archives at The Scientist and was “lost” for most of yesterday, just trying to catch up with this ongoing collection of marvels and grasp little bits of miracle, here and there! Many articles hooked my attention – too many for me to pick out any one of them for this report. This shamanic practitioner grows more ecstatic with every new page describing how, in diverse ways, the practices of advancing bioscience are now dissolving and coagulating the secrets hiding within existance itself, working nearer and nearer the ultimate boundaries of living and being!

In order to read the articles at THE SCIENTIST, one must register (free). I put myself through that little delay in order to read an article my news aggregator brought me, entitled Did Enzymes Evolve to Capitalize on Quantum Tunneling? – a question of “grail-seeking” importance, to my wondering imagination. I usually just go on to another article instead of registering, but I couldn’t pass up something like that!

Anyone who registers at THE SCIENTIST can sign up to get daily and weekly email newsletters. For access to most of the articles on the website, further inside than the “Today’s News” feature, a paid subscription is needed. There is plenty for me to apprehend in the front sections of this publication, however!

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