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I have not blogged much lately, mainly because I have been having too much fun journeying the web and bookmarking interesting science, alternative science, and other more unusual websites and weblogs. Recently, I discovered Social Bookmarking and have been collecting Crabbee’s Bookmarks!

If you haven’t tried this free service out, I recommend that you start a list of your own. The bookmark lists are social because they are syndicated, and others may inspect the lists, and even subscribe if interested. This is useful to me, as an easy way to share, on the sidebar of other blogs I am associated with, links to all the view-worthy sites I am collecting, without the whole link-list taking up more than one text-link worth of room. It seems as if everyone in our shamanic school is blogrolling – but so far, I like this social bookmarking approach better, because the one text link takes anyone who follows it to a separate page and my hand-picked, cross-referenced, tagged, links to likes.


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