On the upcoming ACAM-529 vaccine trial

David Knipe, Lynda Morrison, and Jeffrey Cohen are three of the principal scientists who have been involved in research over the past 15 years that has brought the HSV-2 ACAM-529 vaccine to a Phase I Clinical Trial.  Sanofi Pasteur is the company that has backed / sponsored the ACAM-529 vaccine, and Sanofi Pasteur will presumably be bringing the HSV-2 ACAM-529 vaccine to market if it succeeds in all phases of human clinical trials.

Dr. Knipe was kind enough to share the following information with me earlier today, which I pass along for those who may be interested in enrolling in the ACAM-529 vaccine clinical trial.


Hi Bill,

Here are the links for the start of the HSV5-29 trial for your blog.



If people want to write to me about the trial (I am not conducting it though), they can write to me at this address:  [email protected]



something completely differentDavid, I believe that I speak for millions of genital herpes sufferers worldwide when I say thank you for your dedication and perseverance over the past 15 years, which has brought ACAM-529 from a HSV-2 vaccine concept to the first human clinical trial of a HSV-2 viral vaccine that has real potential to be a game-changer.

You have my best wishes and hopes that the trials of the HSV-2 ACAM-529 vaccine represent a turning point in the development of a HSV-2 genital herpes vaccine that is both safe and effective.

– Bill H.


  1. Hi Bill,

    First of all, I really wanted to thank you for all your answers that are very precise and let us have an insight into the research going on on HSV.

    I am a bit confuse cause non english speaker and wanted to confirm that :

    The vaccine acam529 is aimed at stopping outbreaks and keep HSV-2 at a latent step forever.
    But will not completely kill and clear the body from this virus due to the fact that he is located very profoundly in our nervous system (DNA very alike with us).
    Is it correct?

    Thank you for your answer and I wish you a happy new year 2015.

  2. Hi Bill Halford
    I was diagnosed with hvs-1 oral and genital about 6 months ago I was wondering if the vaccine acam529 is gonna work just in the genital area or also is gonna help about oral herpes I know that is the same virus hsv that’s affects both areas I’m a little confuse. Well the question is acam529 vaccine is gonna work for hvs-1 And hvs-2? Also does the vaccine is gonna help to all kinds of hsv1 oral, genital, herpes mat and hepes keratitis?
    First Thanks for made this website is the first web that I can get information to help me understand more about herpes also to know news about herpes and also thanks for all scientists, doctors etc to help to make a vaccine for herpes.
    Ill wait for you answer

  3. Hi Dr. H. I’m interested in the vaccine or other working hsv vaccines. I read above briefly about others listed in this post that work. Waiting 5 more yrs for anything to come to trial is long. What other vaccines do you know provide relief? Anyone here can answer & share.
    Also are test persons still needed? I’d like to read the terms. I’m open. Thank you for your work. :)

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