The German Resource Center for Genome Research (RZPD) to co-operate with Austrian Insilico GmbH

Vienna, Austria and Berlin, Germany (June 14, 2005) – Today, biomedical research has a wide range of powerful working techniques at its disposal. DNA micro-arrays for example, enable the analysis of thousands of genes in a single working step. By now, the biological data generated with the help of these techniques amounts to many terabytes at the individual research institutions throughout the world. While fast and efficient information management is a central pre-requisite to scientists for the targeted planning of experiments, e.g. for the elucidation of disease processes, or simply for ordering the right biomaterials – the huge amount of dispersed biological knowledge makes its accessibility complicated and time consuming.

As a result of a joint development project the RZPD German Resource Center for Genome Research (RZPD Deutsches Ressourcenzentrum für Genomforschung), and the Austrian bioinformatics specialist Insilico GmbH have presented the solution to this problem:

The SQL-based MASI database developed by Insilico addresses the scientists’ needs for an integration of complex information from the dispersed information sources.

By linking Insilico’s MASI with the RZPD’s material index, researchers for the first time are able to crossreference between sources and to identify research material offered by RZPD that matches their query. This efficient selection of material that is suitable for solving a biological problem offers scientists two time-savings: firstly, manual cross-referencing of various search results is de facto no longer necessary. Second, ordering the material that matches the query is now a matter of seconds.

MASI integrates information on RNAs, DNAs, proteins, as well as their native tissues and cells. This enables highly detailed queries and faster access to the linked data sources. MASI’s relational database structure allows for continual modification in-line with progressing requirements of biological research. The database contents will be updated on a weekly basis.

About Insilico Software GmbH (

Insilico is a provider of high-value bioinformatics services and products with applications in industry and academia. They offer solutions for permanently overcoming economical, organisational, technical, or cognitive barriers that may exist between biological experiments and scientific context information. Insilico applies robust and proven techniques to maximize the quality and density of information, as well as the availability of scientific data. Insilico thereby enables scientific information systems to consistently process, store, retrieve, and present epigenetic, sequence, or gene information.

About RZPD Deutsches Ressourcenzentrum für Genomforschung (

RZPD is the largest service center for genome research in Europe. Based on the most comprehensive public clone collection worldwide, it provides high-quality research material, high-throughput technology and automation solutions for academic institutions as well as for industrial applications. All material data available from RZPD is stored in a primary database and is cross-linked with records from other public sources. RZPD is certified to meet the requirements of and to comply with ISO 9001:2000 quality standards.

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