New Tooth Whitener Could Help Heal Teeth

Tooth whiteners that could enhance teeth’s natural healing ability may soon be available in over-the-counter gels and strips, according to a dental researcher who shared his team’s latest findings today at the American Dental Association’s national media conference.

According to Frederick Eichmiller, D.D.S., director of the American Dental Association’s Paffenbarger Research Center (PRC) in Gaithersburg , MD , PRC scientists have created a “white with might” whitening formula that contains tooth remineralization agents.

Dr. Eichmiller explained that whitening can often open naturally occurring pores within teeth. These open tooth pores can cause temporary sensitivity to air as well as hot and cold food and drinks, a common side effect from tooth whitening.

Saliva contains minerals teeth need to heal themselves by closing these pores, but this process is slow. The “white with might” whitening formula replenishes essential minerals in teeth as it whitens, resulting in far fewer side effects for consumers.

“It’s like having your cake and eating it, too, when it comes to tooth whitening,’ Dr. Eichmiller stated, adding that laboratory and human clinical trials on this “white with might” technology substantiate the gel’s effectiveness. Currently, the whitening gel and the remineralization ingredients are stored separately and combined just before applying to teeth. Dr. Eichmiller said PRC scientists are working on combining the two into a single product which could then be used in over the counter strips and paint on tooth whiteners.

From American Dental Association

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