a short note on the challenges of doing physics

today i was getting ready to submit
a grant proposal to dept. 6449, unit for

investigation into the philosophical
basis of physics, asking whether

the theoretical entities posited by
quantum electrodynamics were real or not

when my pen disappeared

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3 thoughts on “a short note on the challenges of doing physics”

  1. with all due respect mr or ms walls
    i am forced by my conscience and

    expansive knowledge of science
    to disagree.

    you seem to forget the
    seminal contribution of my

    cousin Bertrand Antkins to
    solid-state thermodynamics,

    or the protein folding genius of
    the Hon. Reverant Hermann Whitaker

    not to mention Ms. Priscilla Castanteda
    whose brilliant insight unlocked the

    secret level on the 7-repeat allele of
    the DRD4 gene.

    there are others i could cite, but
    i will have mercy this time.

    with respect to your motives for
    selective forgetting, however,

    i am forced to ask–

    is it mere convenience or
    something more sinister?

    i hope the former but suspect
    the latter

    keep it up and soon you will
    experience some of those

    ants in the pants you appear
    to be so fond of

  2. At the risk of sounding prejudiced, I have to point out that ants and the hymenoptera in general, have made stanty contributions to the world of science to date. Indeed, for many human youngsters with pants, they offer only a risk factor for the development of ADHD. Perhaps they should stick to mold farming…

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