between the blades

judging by the headlines, you
hunam scientists are at it again

trying to make this or that thing
glow for pleasure and profit.

it is my sociological observation that
all scientific cultures go through

a jellyfish phase.

ant history is populated by at least
three such eras—

most notably the fifth formicidic empire,
which culminated in a grand attempt

to engineer glowing transgenic ants by
imbibing large amounts of green jello

and drowned.

i wish no such ill effects on your own
culture, of course

but merely wish to point out the
potential pitfalls of science

and offer some practical advice—

when mucking around with gelatinous
compounds, it is important to

correctly estimate their
congealing temperature.

many people think science
is about grand ideas,

but down here among the grass
blades, we think

it’s the little measurements
that count

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