concerning truth:

it isn’t true that truth is
stranger than fiction.

for example, right now
i am reading a book of poems

by a hunam author,
a mr. david berman

containing many references to
such things as

a robot asking a
man on the moon about

the minds of snowmen,

and while such things may not be
prohibited by physics

they are prohibited by most
people’s conscience.

when you hear about a world
spun around by three suns

like a yo-yo on the loom
of galactic fireballs

it sounds remarkable for a moment

but then you realize that
george lucas preceded NASA

by at least three decades,

and lucas was probably beaten
to the punch by any number of

ancient greek hobos.

there isn’t anything anyone can
discover that hasn’t already

been thought up in the mind of
a science fiction writer somewhere,

or an ant with a curious mind,
or even

a snowman on tatooine

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2 thoughts on “concerning truth:”

  1. dear walls,

    the difference between a
    good hunam and a bad hunam

    is all in the number of
    crumbs they drop

  2. Ah, very true my leggy friend. Maybe.
    It is scientifically impossible to prove a theory correct. But, falsifiability is another matter.

    (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.)
    The idea comes from the work of the philosophers Sir Karl Popper and Ernest Gellner. Falsifiability is an important concept in the philosophy of science that amounts to the apparently paradoxical idea that a proposition or theory cannot be scientific if it does not admit consideration of the possibility of its being false.

    For example, I have a theory: ANTS ARE ANTI-HUMANIST

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