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  1. scinerd, please tell me more.

    My Science Shelf book review site includes a number of books on biology and medicine (or related to those topics) for the educated nonspecialist reader who prefers nonfiction. A recent example is a comparative review of three books about Polio. I add reviews to the website after they appear in print, although I also include excerpts of those reviews awaiting publication, such as my comments on Chris Mooney’s The Republican War on Science, which is scheduled for September publication. Much, perhaps most, of that “War” is fought on the turf of medicine and biology.

    I have a blog here, and I am willing to create a special page of links to biology and medicine book reviews if you would like to list that area rather than the entire site.

    Contact me through the e-mail link at The Science Shelf home page to discuss what you’d like to do. My suggestion is that I create that special page of links and include a prominent one to your blog there.

    Fred Bortz — Science and technology books for young readers (www.fredbortz.com) and Science book reviews (www.scienceshelf.com)

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