population is strength

My friend ,

Population is not a problem now,as i have come up with innovative idea,

1) we have to love whole humanity for that my movement is win sea movement,
WIN OCEAN, WE know near sea shore the sea is not deep first all we have to extend our boundries by feeling the ocean and feeling in such a way that it can face high tides so curve going up while feeling.

And then we can create our further cities on it.

2) Second thing is we have to create small islands in sea,artificial islands with strong aluminium pillars and concrete construction with aluminium form work technology. Sand can also provide us stong element like silicon ,we have to use this silicone power and create small islands every country can make it and use there limits or there can be global movements and global tie up and cooperation for that. shift people on island and it can be surely within the rich of city.

3)To control the damage done by sea we can create strong great walls around the city ,also at regular interwals we can create dams and generate power from the sea itself ,sea food is easily available.

4) we can also try in making underground cities why not and under ware cities mark my word underground and under water city.

WHY you need car parking on road,why you need shopping centers on road,
why you need too much theatres on road they donot need light ,get them underground why even so many chrches and temples on road god doesnot need light.
make IT UNDERGROUND it will be infact more safe from terrorist attacks.

5)So my brother and sisters my dearest friend arise awake and stop not till the goal is reached said swami vivekananda ,apply now and save the world.

sameer patel i do expect best responses from your side by all means.

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