Animal and Nature Websites and Some Mind Snacks

For the last few months, I have been helping a colleague collect a link-list of fun, self-educational, animal and nature websites. Since I was finding so many wonderful, wondrous, websites, I started making good use of‘s services, in order to keep the list up to date with greater ease. Perhaps I started my other blog just to have a place to put blogrolls.

Some of the websites I list are appropriate for all ages, some are more for children, some are mostly scientific, and some are intentionally shamanic. I attempted to steer clear of sites with a distracting number of ads.

This list of mine can be found on the sidebar of my personal weblog, listed above, or on this page I am helping to construct for the link library our shamanic circle’s main website. (The art link list is on the same page, but the nature links come first.) There are links from this page to the other web pages of our (still under construction) link library.

While I was out blogroll-voyaging the blogoshere, I came across Future Feeder, a weblog of technology, design, and architecture. There are always pretty pictures there, and short, sweet, good-reading articles.

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