The science of life

I know I have been blogging on modeling and simulation and cultural evolution pretty much exclusively. But with such a lot of interesting experiences lately I thought I might just annotate them in the hope that the process of doing so might cause the emergence of some better idea. So, a personal digression.

I started my new job in the community ED. On my third day a small child about 3yo victim of ped struck with obvious head injury no vitals in scene – PEA arrest. We coded him for an hour. Earlier, sent two guys to the cath lab with the real ACS. Interesting EKS. One had big ST elevations across the precordium and the other had a new left bundle branch block with a scary story for unstable angina. Both had disease on their caths and got plastys.

White and blue F16s are blasting across the sky in front of our patio on the 14th floor of our apartment looking due east across Lake Michigan. They must be getting ready for the Air and Water Show later this week.

The weather is maybe the best weather of the year. That is fitting as today really is looking like the day we are having a baby. Leaks of fluid and crampy pains come after months of expectant hopes and dreams. My wife is the goddess of my world. She is going to do great. I love her so much.

Three days later…

The baby is here. She is perfect and gorgeous. We love her very much. Can’t take my eyes off her. The jet’s streaking by for the Chicago Air and Water Show scared the hell out of the cats, but baby didn’t seem to mind. Yes, Illinois mandates newborn hearing exams, and yes, baby passed with flying colors.

Of note, we banked her cord blood. There are several companies that offer the service. After a bit of research we decided on Viacord. They picked up the samples within a few hours of baby’s birth. $1,700 – but well worth every penny if you ever need it. God forbid.

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