Cyberanthropology Resource

I am enjoying link journeying from Cyberanthropology by Dr. Steven Mizrach. His many other websites are easily accessable from there, and I just so happened upon Cyberanthropology first. There are many outdated and broken links among the vast collection, but also many worthwhile good ones, to Dr. Mizrach’s articles as well as to a variety of outside favorite websites.

The topics covered by Dr. Mizrach range from Adjunct Faculty issues, through Judaica, to Techno/Rave Music and Electronic Art. I found his websites through a shamanic weblog sidebar link, that I cannot even find again from the menu at Cyberanthropology, to Dr. Mizrach’s thoughtful anthropological article on the connections between Thunderbird and Trickster in some tribal traditions. Most of Dr. Mizrach’s articles are about the cultural and social implications of technology in the fields of cybernetics, virtual reality, and artificial intelligence.

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