Appeal to Science Blog Readers

Loyal readers! A Science Blog ally has been struck with a recurrence of lung cancer and is embarking on a high-dose treatment with the Genentech drug Avastin. To complicate matters, the drug is ghastly expensive and her insurer has declined to pay for it. Open question: Any physicians, oncologists, patients out there have experience with this drug, or insights into how to pay for it? The ally in question is a lifelong non-smoker, and all around great egg. Thanks Science Blog community! You are the champs! (To reply, please use the Conatct Us form.) Update: The drug in question is Avastin; Iressa is what she’ll return to if unable to get on Avastin. Update 2: We’re also searching for people with experience in high-dose treatment using Iressa and/or experience on Avastin. Thanks! Update 3: So it turns out all the letters you guys wrote helped generate enough good karma so that things appear to be falling into place! The physician of the ally in question is going ahead with treatments, cost be damned and is crossing his fingers he’ll see some dough somewhere down the road. Thanks to everyone who took the time to write with suggestions, concern and their own experiences down this road. Shows what a great bunch of wonks you all are!

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