“hangman” here?

Neal,if you have followed the trail this far,well,is this better? When you were DC of the LJ site there were excessive lactating females visiting. The men did not get much work done. I dislike use of LJ for anything other than script development. Anyway, plotz it here or there. This is your farewell sign-out, not mine.

Yours as a Brother in Jesus
gc,10.F07.2005 > ~17:00 hrs

P.S. NAZI boyfriends? You KNOWN how if feel about the Germans.

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1 thought on ““hangman” here?”

  1. george comer, E-mail at [email protected]

    If you are lost, go to the LJ for 20 August 2005. Follow the trail.
    Sorry, I tend to think everyone is like me. Obviously they are not.

    Jesus Saves
    gc, AL60051110>~16:53.09—>10 hrs

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