No hit counter on Science Blog

Does it bother anyone else that Science Blog now has no hit counter? I was told that it would be back up when new software came on board. That was weeks and weeks ago.

Seems to me that a hit counter is somewhat crucial for a blogsite. And I don’t understand why Science Blog can’t arrange to have one, especially after this much time. Unless, of course, the powers that be do not WANT people to see the hit counter. I just don’t know.

If you like Science Blog (like I do) and would like to see a hit counter, please write to the site’s administrators. Send email. Blog about it. Whatever you can do…

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1 thought on “No hit counter on Science Blog”

  1. I am so happy that the hit counter is back. Thanks scienceblog. Sorry I have hassled you so much about this, but little things mean a lot, and it is much appreciated.

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