This is not as good…

…as LJ. I do not know how long and when the two LJ sites will be avaialble,again. So,well,I suppose “”>georgecomer is it for a while.

Work goes well. The schedule is ideal. I need a assignment where I can be be assured of having the mornings and early afternoons free for Project2006. The plan is to continue /w Hertiatge while looking for a schedule which ends at least at 7am. 6am would be best. Towards this goal, I shall apply to GMI and Allied.

Elsewhere…Dvrl cried when I gave her forty dollars to take a taxi to the airport. She wanted to ride to the airport on the bus. The way we used to do when she first arrived. Her tears…just something about seeing her tears…

gomc/w Jesus Who Lives`n saves
600511Wednesday30>~09:49.36—>37 hrs.___PALib “LAB1”

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