NASA gets in bed with Homeland Security

NASA and the Department of Homeland Security signed a memorandum of understanding today to collaborate and coordinate on appropriate research and development projects.

NASA’s Assistant Administrator for Security and Program Protection David Saleeba and Under Secretary for Science and Technology, Department of Homeland Security, Dr. Charles McQueary signed the agreement for the agencies.

The agreement allows the Science and Technology division and NASA to apply joint expertise and technologies to improve national and homeland security and develop complex systems designed to protect the nation.

“It’s with great pride that NASA offers the talents of its world class researchers and engineers to assist DHS in its mission,” Saleeba said.

The memorandum of understanding provides a mechanism for DHS and NASA to coordinate evaluation of existing technologies; acceleration of promising technologies; undertaking joint research and development; sharing resources and personnel; working with the private sector and other public agencies in joint programs. The agencies will share information, use available government resources, and promote best practices.

“We are pleased to partner with an institution such as NASA with a long tradition of innovative, exceptional research,” McQueary said. “This collaboration will add to the resources we need to adapt and develop technologies that keep us one step ahead of those who intend to do this country harm.”

Each project will be defined by an implementing agreement outlining specific terms. The agreements will provide for the use of facilities, personnel, cooperative projects, and transfer of funds, as appropriate. They will be consistent with the laws and regulations that govern the activities of both agencies.

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