Fatster Than Light Travel?

Recently i was thinking about Relativity and I thought that we can Travel faster than light.As you all know, light from sun reaches to earth in 8 minutes so we can conclude that the sun we are seeing is a sun from the past(8 minute old sun). So if its possible to see the past sun we can see the future.

Any Comments?

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4 thoughts on “Fatster Than Light Travel?”

  1. The fact that the light from the Sun reaches Earth in 8.5 minutes means that when we look at the Sun, we are seeing events take place that occurred 8.5 minutes ago on the it’s surface. If we were to take a powerful telescope to the Sun and looked at the Earth, if we could zoom in close enough, we would be able to see events that took place 8.5 minutes ago. If we sent that same telescope 50 light years away and zoomed in on Earth, we could check out things happening in 1946.

  2. Regarding your thought that the future must be accessible because you can see the past sun, I feel that a language-induced illusion is at work: the words ‘past’, ‘present’ and ‘future’ are indistinguishable in this context, as all perceptions are in the present. That the light left the sun 8.5 minutes previously to being seen means not that you are seeing the past but that at the speed of light time does not exist, cannot be measured, is an absurd concept – it makes sense, can be measured and said to ‘exist’ only within the context of our own perceptual contructs. Light is never old; it goes on and on, once started. At least, I’ve never heard of ‘old light; have you?

  3. This really doesnt make sense to me and please correct me if what im about to say doesnt make any sense to you. The time it takes for the light from the suns location to travel to the the earth is just a calculation. Sun from the past? Anyways I dont believe that in anyway the future could be foreseen. It would mean that everythign is destined to happen and that is completely illogical. If im taking your post in any way wrong just correct me.

    Keep posting what you know about relativity, maybe there something I dont know.

  4. Okay pretty much I had this conversation with my professor not to long ago. Apparently the faster you move the slower time gets, so in theory at the speed of light time is frozen, and to go faster than the speed of light you would travel back in time. Now mind you this is all in theory. But if we were to reach the speed of light out molecules would be completely torn and dispersed, as they would be spreading the faster you moved. So in essence, and not to burst a bubble to approach the speed of light is impossible, although time travel and teleportation are possible through worm-holes, in theory. Yet they would have to be completely contained and how do you control and contain a black hole and the connecting white hole in another universe, and then the white hole from that universe connecting to the black hole that goes conveniently where you want it to, without it going into another universe through the rifts of the M theory, multi-verse.

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