Iranian Unveils World’s Fastest Transistor

TEHRAN, Nov. 1–An Iranian college professor at Khajeh Nassireddin Tousi Industrial University has created the world’s fastest operating transistor, an invention poised to bring about unprecedented developments in the way advanced electronic equipment function.
Dr. Farshid Raisi’s research paper submitted to the prestigious US-based magazine Applied Physics Letters has attracted enthusiastic response from scientific centers and received wide coverage in reputable international physics publications.
In an interview with ISNA on Tuesday, Raisi said the vortices, set in motion in the form of solitons (pulses that do not lose energy or their shape as they travel), which he has used in the transistor, travel at the speed of light and are much faster than the electrons in ordinary transistors, leading to quicker switching speeds.
Raisi has observed switching speeds of 8 GHz, as fast or faster than the best existing transistors and expects no insurmountable problems in shrinking and mass producing his soliton device. He aims to achieve speeds of 200 GHz, which would make this transistor attractive for use in supercomputers.
Raisi said the parts required for building the silicon transistors are not available domestically.
With a PhD and MS from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, Raisi is assistant professor at Electronics Engineering Department in the university’s Electrical Faculty.

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