The Emperor Penguin?

I just watched the “March of the Penguins”

My unlearned opinion is this,

If man is to explore the possibilities of DNA cross-transfer to other species. We should do it with a species that closely resembles the traits we hold most high, most civilized in respects to ourselves. I vote to give human dna to the Emperor Penguins. To study them over time, teach them as they transition to an intelligence that resembles our language. To give them a chance at helping us learn more about ourselves and the nature of our world.

If we are destined to experiment, let us experiment with species that have no ability to challenge us, let us be Christian in principle, in action, in teaching, in special selection What have we learned, if not the word of God?

Who says what God is, or is not? Maybe we are meant to bring life to the universe. Maybe we (as humans) are the catalyst that brings life to all stars. Maybe we can apply ourselves to be the progenators of something greater than a computer, or a t.v….


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