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Self-organiation & physical evolution of life origin & Universe evolution


qigong. Life ordered state.Life chaotic state .
ESP. high frequency bioelectricity .biological electromagnetic wave .resonance.self-organiation .physical evolution of life origin .

Studying the survey

Human has a kind of supernatural ability (the spernatural ). Chinese name the qigong etc. English name extrasensory perception( =ESP) and mesmrism etc. different race names this differently. a lot of countries have carried on open or secret research to this. The study on qigong of China starts to carry on a series of research at the end of the fifties.
(1) physics of the qigong is surveyed
1. Electromagnetic radiation and laser characteristic: Electromagnetic radiation that qigong master radiate have biological electromagnetic wave with fluctuations information, the characteristic with laser, the range is very far, frequency is adjustable, the angle of departure is very small, there is extremely strong piercing through strength , contain particle groups , such as electron etc, in their electromagnetic radiation compositions, operation its speed generally per second to is it collect centimetre to count.
2. The magnetism is surveyed: Normal the human body every position has a faint magnetic field, the intensity is about little gauss of quantity grade. When the qigong teacher is ” in the qigong state “, can produce the strong magnetic effect , is up to 10 to 25 gausses.
Surveying physics to the qigong :survey infraredly, the piezocrystal is surveyed, the static is surveyed, the microwave is surveyed, the test of effects , such as nuclear emulsion exposing , energetic particle counting , infrasonic sound ,etc.. These scientific experiments have proved electromagnetic
(2) immunology experiment of the qigong. Professor Feng Lida of the general hospital of Chinese navy combines with the qigong master, has opened up the research of qigong immunology
1. Function on the virus of electromagnetic radiation of the qigong: Regard standard influenza virus as samples. It verifies , there is function of wounding on influenza virus in the electromagnetic radiation of the qigong that the the result of the hemagglutination titrimettic. Blood cell corpuscle result tested to absorb find electromagnetic radiation of qigong make influenza virus absorb to chicken and cavy blood cell corpuscle ability at all disappear. Result that plaque test indicate electromagnetic radiation of qigong make influenza virus is it form to cell empty active function of plaque reduce greatly to corrode, the function on the serum of person who carries virus of hepatitis B of electromagnetic radiation of the qigong is very obvious too.
2. Function on the tumour cell of electromagnetic radiation of the qigong: The experiment indicates that ” electromagnetic radiation of the qigong ” can suppress and wound bacteria , virus and even cancer cell , qigong biological laser electromagnetic wave .is it there is function of wounding from cervical cancer cell of the body to act on. Acting on the cancer cell of gastric gland, the stomach cancer cell’s chromosome distortion rate obviously shows and increases, chromatid to exchange , rupture for structure to present, pair some kinetochre proportion increase, the function suppressed , differentiation and wounding is obvious.
The function on various kinds of bacteria of electromagnetic radiation of having the qigong is tested, to animal’s test on immune function.
(3) physiological effect to the human body of electromagnetic radiation of the qigong
1. The human body exceed from reaction and receive to biological electromagnetic wave test prove experimenter can resonate and receive like this biological electromagnetic wave.
2. Clinical experiment used for anaesthetizing in electromagnetic radiation of the qigong: The electromagnetic radiation of the qigong makes experimenters reach the anaesthesia method to anaesthetize the state. 6 hospital of Shanghai and other places excise to 31 thyroid adenoma gland lobule and patient , cyst of tongue , try out qigong anaesthesia skill succeed in China.

4), biological electromagnetic radiation of qigong to unlife influence of material
1. Impact on liquid crystal: Make a pair of nature of refracting of the liquid crystal change in various degrely.
2. The laser Ramon’s apparatus is observed: Make the molecular structure of the living beings and effective material change.
3. To formating the research that the gas is: Under the biological electromagnetic radiation function of the qigong, hydrogen and carbon monoxide do not use the catalyst , needn’t heat the chemical reaction and can go on .
4. To the influence laser polarization: Experiment of type laser tube with milliwatt of helium neons, qigong master grant biological electromagnetic radiation from the laboratory 6 office, the originally steady laser was radiated and only risen and fallen strongly from head to foot, the range was lack of about 10%, changed angle of 9 degrees laser polarization.
By the laser characteristic of biological electromagnetic radiation of the qigong and strong magnetic effect , can draw the conclusion : The qigong is a kind of state in order, among them there is a biological conductive return circuit of electricity that takes shape. Qigong master can self-control,it is of each other for exchange to be between usual Chaos state and state in order of qigong.

The qigong, the physiological mechanism of the exceptional function and acupuncture and moxibustion principle are probed into .

China ancient people have already discovered main and collateral channels(1) with ESP. this makes main and collateral channels have such peculiar color naturally , this makes it close to the essence on the micro more level too, perhaps this is that a modern scientific instrument is not achievable . Modern science comes from the west, the neural theory has already got suitable development, because the collateral channels theory does not have universality , all sorts of reasons etc. therefore still stay in the initial state basically. Main and collateral channels call living pivot too, vital energy via system put through to arranging the activity of the life to whole body main and collateral channels have, China ancient vital energy of main and collateral channels theory with ancient neural animism of theory that there is the same essence(high frequency bioelectricity and biological electromagnetic wave) .Main and collateral channels and nerve are the same kind of tissue, it is different and own to just name. No matter in ancient Greece, or in ancient Rome, the animism that has the neural theory is said: The animism controls the feelings and sports of every position of the human body openly to whole body via the nervous system. Because such peculiar research does not have universality , often have a subjectivity, therefore, with scientific development, the animism is forgotten by science gradually.
We conduct the bioelectricity of high frequency from main and collateral channels with cupuncture needle(picture 1) .thus announced the essence and mechanism of main and collateral channels. Studies have shown, the function phenomenon of main and collateral channels from the very small structure from most basic tube in the nerve , cell biology indicates ,these is information energy molecule in the cell :intermediate
filament,microtuble,their particle is arranged on the intine-held that is tuble in on orderly manner It is here to behave :that particle “molecule” electric current orientation is the same,their “molecule” electric current can conduction and added by conductivic material in tuble.Chemical synapse can be changed into the electrical synapse .this is exactly that kind of plasticity synapse of modern medical research.When synapses can be changed into the electrical synapses, form the return circuit finally.they can radiate the biological laser electromagnetic waves with fluctuations information produces the strong magnetic field effect at the same time can be up to 10-25 gausses.Qigong master can self-control,usual Chaos state exchange for state in order of qigong.The frequency of these biological laser electromagnetic waves is exactly the frequency of surrounding of “molecule” electric current of the particle orderly material structure.Contain particle groups , such as electron etc, in their electromagnetic radiation compositions,We can know that why frequency of biological electromagnetic wave is adjustable.The Chaos are a physics concept , it is different from confusedly with having no rule, it is not simple and unordered, but does not possess periodicity and other state in order of obvious characteristic , it is shown as somly , passage in order, but whole does not possess orderly characteristic.
ESP is considered to be the extension to the space of function system of the human body, can break through the space obstacle within one’s power. ESP includes in the qigong phenomenon and refers to in general for the round spirit , just modern, the research of the exceptional function has been separated out from the qigong phenomenon because this not merely mostly have in ESP,qigong state, static to can bring out ESPof producing too, somebody born has exceptional functions, the exceptional function has relative stabilities, its physiological foundation is to change the brain function nucleus of the state in order from the Chaos state, ancient call that round spirit, these kind of function nucleus brain state in order radiation can be biological electromagnetic wave, can receive electromagnetic wave also, When reflex of electromagnetic wave with information receive by the resonance , its information appears in the function of cerebral, form a kind of information of ESP , and does not rely on its sense organ , or regard closing its sense organ as the precondition. Generally speaking, the high-level ESP includes the ESP of the low level. Biological electromagnetic waves that different ESP sends out are different, with the increase of the laser electromagnetic wave frequency of living beings, its field energy is increasing too, the deeper the level acted on the material is, the research of modern science shows , the laser of certain frequency has function of actuating on the material too. Some qigong master or high-level ESP people, they utilize peculiar information thinking to mould the change of the object, thus an effect emerges , act on the object , make it change, the function of the idea is greater here, this is profound in order state the consciousness of function on a kind of direct one of the material, finished through an effect, this is to supplement one of the consciousness theory of philosophy importantly.
The qigong, the ESP stems from the natural course at first, in different era and ifferent race ,it have the phenomenon take place, evolve this as, culttivate oneself doctrine, cultivating oneself according to a religious doctrine under the subconscious regulating action , in order to get the qigong and ESP function that go beyond the normal condition, the qigong, the ESP is a kind of potential physiological function of the human body.
Through study we think Chaos state become more and more individualized ,state in order becomes more and more generality. Common people are practised regulating and entering into the orderly qigong state from the usual Chaos state , this is that one changes the course from quantitative change to state of the qualitative change, to most people, this need one long time, in addition physiology, psychology, environment, practise method ,etc. many kinds of influence of factor, some persons who practise austerities can’t finish the transformation of the life state in state all one’s life. Through analysing and researching, we think : After the brain enters into the state in order, the cerebration of the cerebral cortex is suppressed , the cerebral cortex is a kind of civilized signs till now that the mankind evolves, I believe that this will influence people’s normal thinking and creative thinking . Qigong practitioner with super and in meditation for the foundation, the cerebral cortex is suppressed restrain, this will often bring out the thinking deformity too. The persons who generally practise austerities , after some time, some point or some points contract loose. (chemical synapse and changes into the electrical synapse ) make the electric energy of living beings among them increase , the rough , hot , so-called ” vitality” of itching etc. appears, this will make the person who will practise austerities more persistent , expect further that extraordinary and refined, this will pay a heavier price, so will say that common people should not practise qigong , teenagers should not practise qigong still more.

The theory of self-organiation to be that are announced and controlled from the science which the general principle of system . the phenomenon of self-organiation exist extensively from unlife world to life world, form the phenomenon with abundant structure of self-organiation getting spontaneously unorderedly in order. the question of self-organiation to be long-standing , the biological evolution phenomenon is the most noticeable the phenomenon of self-organiation . The forming of modern system science makes it really become an important scientific problem. the theory of self-organiation to be the result that modern physics and biology combined together , it is a comprehensive science of transecting which is in the contemporary natural science front to the theory self-organiation . E.Schrodinger make famous speech on ” what is life ” definitely 1945. W.R.Ashby lead these term ” the system of self-organiation ” into 1947. Its setting-up receives the scientific thoughts of bright L.V.Bartalanffy and E.Schrodinger etc, . and tremendous influence of the molecular biology. In 1969, the Brussels school of Belgium proposed the first successful theory of self-organiation through the thermodynamics gate — theory of dissipative structure. Afterwards, H.Haken’s synergetics theroy (1973), AiGen’s hypercycle theory (1971 ),Thom catastrophe theory sets up in succession. Theory of dissipative structure to is it nature and forming of it dissipative structure, stabilize and develop the theory of the law to study. Concept of dissipative structure by Brussels free P.I.Prigogine get 1967 out of at first in Professor general university having Belgium, it refers to a kind of structure in order that may appear under the non-equilibrium condition .
Pass to living beings laser electromagnetic wave fluctuations finding of mechanism , from we to to more and more close origin have life. The origin of the life is the most noticeable the phenomenon of self-organiation , the ones that play an important role are non-linear fluctuations in the course of self-organiation , while reaching the critical point, fluctuations are enlarged, and exchange material and energy through the external world, and become the steady state in order. The ones that summarized this principle as passing fluctuations in the Brussels school are in order. theroy in coordination , fluctuations are promoted the beginning of self-organiation . the forming and keeping including the cooperation between a large number of structure particles of self-organiation , the life was originated from the system of self-organiation , not all can be evolved and become the life from the system self-organiation , the model of A.M.Turing shows ; The life can only originate from the orderly material structure , must have spontaneous and lasting energy to maintain , so say, the energy question of the primitive life is the most important, In the nature, the magnet has orderly material structure, uses magnet rotating as the encouragement source of the metal conductor, the result has led out the electric current with fluctuations information. as heating and exceeding Curie’s temperature, the orderly material structure of the magnet is destroyed, magnetic disappears , this proves it is production magnetic field energy that orderly material structure can be spontaneous and lasting , this spontaneous to produce a card of complementing of energy continuously to a orderly self-organiation

After going through long biological evolution times, the primitive life is getting hereditary structure of self-organiation still exists in the cell of the modern life, it is these orderly material structure that offers the electromagnetic energy of living beings for qigong ESP. Cell’s biological research indicates , forms cytosketon ,intermediate filament ,microfilament ,microtuble can assemble oneself outside the body, neither need other proteins to participate in, it needs nucleic acid to be or auxiliary to associative protein either, intermediate filament itself one information energy molecule or information energy forebody and DNA kiss and is it indicate they cell division offer electromagnetic power to analyse and research highly. If it is not , intermediate filament and intermediate filament phosphorization, course to dephosphorization, there is no cell division. The origin of the life has not only gone through the evolution course of chemistry also gone through the evolution course of physics, in the course of evolution of the life, structure of self-organiation have branch production of effect in a orderly one, have point of joint, the life evolves to more advanced Chaos state from the state in order, the joint is the more manily the higher the Chaos coefficient is, the more advanced the ones that proved that the life evolved are. From unordered to reach in order, from advanced order that life evolve to Chaos in order and then.

Universe evolution

After going through long biological evolution times, the primitive life is getting hereditary structure of self-organiation still exists in the cell of the modern life, it is these orderly material structure that offers the electromagnetic energy of living beings for qigong ESP.Heavenly body structure of self-organiation how also is?
We regard qigong master as one little universe and celestial body study , pass the finding very, the state in order, their brightness temperature is very high, brightness temperature is the black body temperature degree of equivalent of the celestial body, it is a kind of parameter of expressing the luminance of celestial body radio. This it proves to be orderly material structure too , make known molecule produce high on brightness temperature so under normal temperature, the space yardstick of the structure is a molecule around the coefficient of enlarging of shaking radiation in order. Those fixed stars that can give out light by oneself should have orderly material structure too, layers of form ball structure, we can explain universe new celestial body high on brightness temperature maser have perhaps. the basic structure of self-organiation is the tube structure, the ball structure of one layer of forms . Produces the electromagnetic radiation and the magnetic field from this the heavenly body, the electromagnetic radiation is isotropic.The structure of self-organiation basic characteristic is: Microwave radiation.

The common heavenly body interior has the stable magnetic field, possibly has in its interior the material structure in the orderly, has the electromagnetism energy. We may observe to compare the long wave length electromagnetic radiation, even is the microwave. This can explain the planet produces can the mechanism of energy, what is specially obvious is Jupiter and Saturn. This may cause we more thorough understanding planet the magnetic field and its the magnetic field change.

The star has quite many structures of self-organiation generally, mostly distributes in the outer layer. The star may divide into two kinds approximately:
1. Heat radiation class star,Structure of self-organiation produces the strong electromagnetic radiation, causes the nuclear fusion.
2. The non- heat radiation class star, Structure of self-organiation produces the strong electromagnetic radiation, has not caused the nuclear fusion the mechanism, the brightness temperature is very high.

The non- heat radiation class star should be the open system which resonates, during radiation high frequency electromagnetic wave also can the resonance absorption electromagnetic wave. Should have not the obviously high frequency electromagnetic wave in the visible light wave band the existence. Electromagnetic radiation that qigong master radiate have biological electromagnetic wave with fluctuations information, the characteristic with laser, the range is very far, frequency is adjustable, the angle of departure is very small, there is extremely strong piercing through strength , Has the visible light wave band in the biology electromagnetic radiation on the existence to be supposed to have not the obviously high frequency electromagnetic wave.

The phenomenon of self-organiation is widely exists in the universe. The material multiplicity, the structure of self-organiation also can have the multiplicity. The homogeneous structure of self-organiation also has its structure granule electron level the difference. According to the above, we may give in the galaxy the stellar classification, discovers between them the relation and the rule.

(1):Chin med ,regarded as nekwork of passages,through
which vital energy circulates and along which the
acupuncture points are distributed.

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