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Mary McCullough, Ph.D., advises and motivates students pursuing Loyola Marymount University’s Ed.D. in Educational Leadership for Social Justice. The doctoral program, structured to give students individual attention, cultivates an understanding of complex issues impacting education and student achievement while promoting the Jesuit sensibility of social justice.

For McCullough, the ability to effectively generate change for the benefit of students is a rewarding challenge. Her first hand experiences as an LMU professor and a high school principal keep her directly connected to the obstacles educational administrators face. “I work with leaders in identifying organizational culture and climate. How can we figure out the changes needed in education? How can we assess how change might work in a particular context or place? How, as a leader, do you set a vision, assess needed change, and then initiate those changes?”

In addition to her work within the Ed.D. program, McCullough is co-authoring two books with LMU colleagues. The first deals with generations in the workplace. “We can see the impact from veteran teachers working with new teachers. How can we create a climate and culture where everybody’s needs are being met?” McCullough’s solution begins with school leaders. “If a leader of the school knows what various generations are looking for in the workplace, and then meets those needs, it might benefit the entire school community.”

The second book on McCullough’s list of accomplishments focuses on student success teams within Catholic high schools. Teachers and administrators work collaboratively with parents to help students maximize their performance in the classroom. “It’s about ensuring that all students are successful and no student falls through the cracks.” A sentiment McCullough extends into the classroom at LMU.

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