Perspectives on Science and Technology… Lessons in Units of Measure.

I have been working on an educational website. The idea behind it is a follows:

Have you ever read or been told something similar to …. “that star is 10 light years away” or “an object is a micro-inch long” and had no real sense as to how large or small those quantities are? This site will allow you to gain perspective on ………….
…….. these and over 20 other basic “units-of-measure” used to quantify the physical world around us. This informative perspective will be provided in bite size chunks of information called “Perspective Blocks.” Illustrated on the home page is one such “Perspective Block” about the flyheight of a hard disk drives read/write head — Interestingly 1 micro-inch is also the about the length that a stubble of hair grows on a man’s face in 1 second.

The magnitude of these quantities are organized and published into groups of three (3) adjacent orders of magnitude ranging from 10^24 to 10^-24. There are also groups for quantities greater than and less than 10^24 and 10^-24 respectively as well. Hence, a total of 18 database groups for each “unit-of-measure.” PDF files of each of these three (3) order of magnitude sets, for all of the included units-of-measure, are found on the “Perspective Block Database” page of this site. Another page on this site provides links to charts, graphs and nomographs which provide some unique perspective on these units of interest in one of these graphical forms.

The units-of-measure website is intended to be a community of information giving perspective to the physical world around us. All visitors are invited to visit our “Contribute a Perspective Block” page and provide all with some of your own unique perspectives on science & technology.

If you have any thoughts or comments relative to this site please forward them to me at: [email protected]

Here is a summary of the Charts and Nomographs page found on the site.

A website with a database of information on a variety of units of measure. Look for new perspectives on the magnitude of any physical quantity. Numerous scientific & engineering charts, graphs & nomographs. Explore & get calibrated for your next technical challenge! – (www.units-of-measure.com)
Suggested Link: http://www.units-of-measure.com/Charts-Nomograph.html

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