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Experiencing awe increases belief in the supernatural

Awe-inspiring moments — like the sight of the Grand Canyon or the Aurora Borealis — might increase our tendency to believe in God and...

Intelligent Design: ‘A War on Science’ (BBC Horizon Video – 49...

BBC Horizon's 'A War on Science' looks into the attempt to introduce ID into science classes in the US.

(Originally broadcast on BBC Two at 2100GMT on Thursday, 26 January 2006)

Come fly with me

Boeing has joined a small group of technology bigwigs trying to test a theory that would let engineers negate some of the effects of gravity. The American aerospace giant is using the work of controversial Russian scientist Yevgeny Podkletnov, who claims to have developed a device that can shield objects from the Earth's pull. Other researchers claim Podkletnov's work is hokum, but considering the cost savings such a device would represent for air travel, Boeing seems intent on getting to the bottom of it all. The Russian says he found that objects above a superconducting ceramic disc rotating over powerful electromagnets lost weight, the BBC reports. "The reduction in gravity was small, about 2 percent, but the implications --- for example, in terms of cutting the energy needed for a plane to fly --- were immense."

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