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The hubbub about the heart’s lub-dub

The heart’s cellular blueprint has been the subject of scientific debate for decades, with no component causing more trouble the KCNE1.This little protein, E1...

Congenital heart disease causes hypoglycemia

In a new study, scientists from University of Copenhagen document a connection between congenital arrhythmia and the bodies’ ability to handle sugar. The results...

Mutation in gene that’s critical for human development linked to arrhythmia

Arrhythmia is a potentially life-threatening problem with the rate or rhythm of the heartbeat, causing it to go too fast, too slow or to...

Snipping key nerves may help life-threatening heart rhythms

What do sweaty palms and abnormal heart rhythms have in common? Both can be initiated by the nervous system during an adrenaline-driven "flight-or-fight" stress...

Technique diagnoses non-periodic arrhythmias in a single heartbeat

Thanks to a new study from Columbia Engineering School, doctors may now be able to diagnose in their offices non-periodic arrhythmias -- noninvasively and at low cost -- within a single heartbeat.

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